At age 11, I apprenticed as a puppeteer with my parents on CBC-TV's iconic kids' series, The Friendly Giant.

In the 1960s, while working in television, I puppeteered at the Canadian Puppet Theatre founded by my folks. Wow, talk about being in the 'family business.'

Here they are pulling the strings on Maggie Muggins, a CBC-TV series, 1955-1962.

As you can see below, I was exposed to puppetry at an early age. I was barely out of the womb!

Look how fixated I am at 6 months. I didn't stand a chance! My destiny was set.

Twenty-two years later... in 1968, I became a full-time puppeteer in what would become a lifetime of involvement in theatre, television series, commercials, film, industrial, educational and medical videos.

In the 1990s, I operated puppets on Mr. Dressup, and on many other CBC-TV and TVOntario series.

It was all pretty exciting work, and I learned to operate every kind of puppet that exists.

I'll post more details on my full site! This is only a teaser.

My television hosting included CBC-TV's Drop In (I love interviewing, so look out!), the Polka Dot Door (as first host), Whatever Turns You On, and numerous other spots as guest host on series and television fundraisers.

Drop In, with pals Rex Hagon (L) and Jeff Cohen

Polka Dot Door,  with pal, Marigold

In 2000, I decided to go just part-time 'jiggling the dollies' and opened the Keogh Studio and Gallery. I became a visual artist, drawing and painting with acrylics and pastels and creating 'fabric illustrations,' as you can see below.

Since 2005, I have performed stand-up comedy and one-woman shows with my alter ego, the infamous puppet character, Dr. Beryl Freud, MoD, BmW, PhDee, CaA, ACTRA.

Dr. Beryl created comedy chaos for three days at an international medical conference for 6,000 doctors, broadcast on a jumbotron screen. All I could think of was, Who's minding the store?

In 2008, during a 6-year stint, I co-founded the Twillingate Gallery in a small fishing town in Newfoundland where my work became much more colourful and whimsical, as it is today.

And I learned to love cod tongues and cheeks, as well as the hard-to-find cod thumbs.

Today my studio is based in my hometown of Toronto. Go Leafs!

Please come back and visit.

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